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Canadian Government Green Lights Cannabis Consumption, Get Cannabis Communications Updates Here

CannabisThe Canadian government has given the official approval for cannabis for adult consumption in Canada as of October 17, 2018.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has confirmed the long-awaited start date which ends months of speculation surrounding when, precisely, Canadians will be able to purchase and consume the drug legally. Originally the Liberals had aimed for July 1, Canada Day, but procedural issues and delays prevented them from reaching that target. Bill C-45 (or as some refer to as the pot bill) has also since received royal assent,” the final step towards what could be a game changer for Canadian businesses.

During a recent press event Trudeau commented:

“One of the things that we heard very clearly from the provinces is that they need a certain amount of time to get their bricks and mortar stores — their online sales — ready. Producers need time to be able to actually prepare for a regimented and successful implementation of the regime … This is something that we want to get right,” Trudeau told reporters at a press conference held today before the House of Commons rises for its summer recess.

Cannabis is now legal in Canada

Consumers of legal age (set at 19 everywhere except Quebec and Alberta, where it will be 18) will also be able to purchase legal weed online, but Canadians will face strict regulations surrounding where they can consume the drug.

The cannabis is born and set to be the next disruptive industry in Canada

While there are still many unanswered questions many brands and agencies are preparing for the potential of this entirely new industry for Canada. Laws are still being finalized as to how companies will be able to advertise cannabis but we are already seeing many brands take the initiative with campaigns. Most recently PR In Canada covered a July 1st campaign launched by CANACA, we were also on hand for the launch events of JADEO and Civilized Worldwide.

PR In Canada offers solution to advertising and communications questions about the Cannabis industry

While the date of October 17, 2018 has been set for the legalization of cannabis in Canada there still is a lot of work to be done, and questions to be answered. Currently Health Canada is in the process of preparing the advertising guidelines for how cannabis can be advertised both online and offline in Canada.

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