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Where Are They Now, Canada’s Largest Public Relations Agencies – June 2018 [Updated]

PR In Canada is often asked about public relations agencies across Canada. Who is growing public relations agency? Which public relations agency should we hire for our brand? Which public relations agency has the best culture?

All very valid questions and one’s that often result in determining whether your brand grows or not. If an agency can not deliver, it will fail; waste money; and ultimately be fired.

Where Are They Now, Canada’s Largest Public Relations Agencies - June 2018

Which public relations agency has the best career opportunities?

No matter where you are in your career path, working for the right organization can be a game changer.  As you are looking at your career and considering who to devote such a large portion of your life too. Let’s be honest, 9 – 5 is long gone, and working for a public relations agency requires more than 9 – 5 if you plan to succeed in this industry.

Who are Canada’s largest public relations agencies?

Based on a few sources here are the 5 largest public relations agencies in Canada based on revenue and full time staff:

Leaders develop and foster other leaders around them

Over the years we have covered each of the agencies mentioned above and have seen their ups and downs. We have seen how all five have become very different organizations over the last five years. One thing that is common about any organization (no matter the industry), it’s corporate culture is often a direct reflection of the individual running the company. Companies with a great corporate culture have a leader who demonstrates qualities that become emulated by others around them, and become the attributes that make other want to work for that organization.  People want to work for an individual who is seen as a leader.  Good qualities become emulated, bad qualities become emulated.

Can brands trust your public relations agency?

Over the last two years a countless number of brands have been calling for more transparency from their agency of record (AOR) as some agencies try to hide fees or add additional hours for projects. We have heard directly from many brands as they looking for better ways to manage their brand-agency relationships.

While many agencies rush to publish trust reports judging and ranking brands, maybe it is time that a trust report about public relations agencies is created for brands to access and use in the business decision making.
A report where brands can turn to and get a better understanding (backed up by metrics) as to whether ABC agency vs XYZ Agency can deliver on what they promise. Who are the top agencies to hire with based on your vertical or industry focus? Or specifically whether they have done it in the past, and what results have their achieved for other clients.

Help Me Find

Brands often rely upon the advice and guidance from the agency they hire to help them achieve their business goals, but what industry standard are public relations agencies held too? How doesn’t a brand know before signing on the dotted line whether ABC agency will give them a return on their business investment?
Is it time for a change? Does the industry need an unbiased method to help navigate the selection of an agency partner? We have created a group comprised of individuals on the brand side and we are having these tyes of discussions and looking at some solutions to help brands – want to get involved? (drop us a note and let’s talk more)

Brands want to work with honest and open communicators

No matter who you if you are reading this right now – you are a consumer. All consumers want to deal with honest and transparent providers. As the only outlet dedicated to covering the Canadian public relations industry PR In Canada is constantly pitched by agencies (some are amazing at pitching, while others still think “Hey – this is a great story about us for your readers,” is going to give an editor the warm and fuzzies). Pitches range from news about that agency to campaigns on behalf of their client. We have seen first hand the changes in agencies across the country, and there continues to be a major shift that has impacted the public relations industry.

As we look at the biggest public relations agencies in Canada here are the last stories we have covered about each one:

The strength of a PR agency’s relationship with media, translate to better client results

Often brands will turn to trade media such as PR In Canada to help them stay on top of their agency, as well as other to see how others are doing. Media relations is and will always be a cornerstone of the job of a public relations person. Without a direct relationship, how effective can you be at pitching on behalf of your clients? Look at the word ‘media relations’ – it is all about having that relationship with the person you tare trying to influence to write about you news.


We have been told my some of our readers that Environics rebranded at some point during 2018, unfortunately the agency failed to communicate this official change to PR In Canada.