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3 Traits That Will Dominate PR Hiring In 2016

Are you looking for your next role in the communications industry – here are 3 things you will want to ensure you bring to the table.
Are you looking to hire top talent for your next public relations role? – here are 3 things that you will want to make sure they have.

  1. Stronger media relationships – the number of media outlets you could pitch to has decreased over the last year.  Moving forward there will need to be a greater emphasis from PR pro’s to have strong media relationships which will help to get coverage.
  2. Better digital knowledge – once a time media pitching was done by fax machine, those days are long gone and today PR pro’s need to have a working knowledge (and presence) on EVERY social network (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube). Brands are there, you need to be too!
  3. Brand ambassadors – as you pitch a story,  you represent the agency you work for. As you post content online, you represent the agency you work for.  The number of ways that individuals are linked and therefore represent their agency has increased.  Keep in mind, that the person pitching the story might be the only point of contact a journalist ever has with ABC Agency.