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PR Talent Wars: APEX, Faulhaber, GCI, High Road [Report]

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. – Michael Jordan

Talent WarLast week we shared with you a list of the 8 Canadian public relations agencies that won new business during the month of February 2016. Today we are taking a look back at the management changes with Canadian public relations agencies last month.

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APEX – Recently lost a few of their team members including Stephanie Engle and Hilary Lawton, but we have a feeling they will announced some new hires soon.

Faulhaber Communications – said goodbye to Shannon Law, who was pretty much the second in command of the Toronto-based boutique agency.

GCI Group – we heard from several sources that GCI Group has lost at least 3 of their team members over the last 4 months.   Unfortunately for GCI,  it started with one individual taking an in-house public relations role at a tech company,  and things snow balled from there.  They do seem to be ready to build up their consumer practices again,  last week we announced that GCI Group hired long time APEX team member Stephanie Engle.

High Road – it’s been over a week since Sarah Spence announces her new role at Narrative PR,  surprisingly they have not named a new President.

Of course the big surprise over the last six months is still the news of John Crean leaving NATIONAL Public Relations. As one of the key individuals who helped to establish the firm as what it is today, John’s departure leaves a big gap which has still not been filled.   Combine that with two other senior level exits from NATIONAL Public Relations over the last six months and you can’t help but wonder what’s going on over there.