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Women In Communications, Marketing And Technology Awards Winner’s Circle With Leanna Kruk

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Leanna KrukLast week we announced the winners of our annual Women in Communications, Marketing and Technology awards, we took a moment to catch up Leanna Kruk who was honoured as one of the Account Director or Supervisor of the Year award.

Who is Leanna Kruk?

I am Group Director at Brookline Public Relations…a.k.a. team cheerleader, strategic wizard, passionate team supporter.

What was your first role in the industry?

My first role in the industry was an internship at Strategic Objectives. During my time at SO I was fortunate to work with amazing brands and a creative, talented team. This set the bar really high for my career and what I wanted to achieve. I think a pivotal moment for me in my career was coming back to agency after leaving for a few years to start my family. I was fortunate to join the team at Brookline and grow my confidence in a lead role at the agency. Working with such an amazing team and wonderful clients has made my career so fulfilling and continues to keep me passionate and excited about my job every day.

What is your current role?

Group Director, Brookline Public Relations

What is a something that you are really proud of having done /accomplished?

I’m honestly so fortunate to work with a great team of professionals at Brookline. I’m extremely proud of the way our team has supported each other during the pandemic and how we continue to support each other every day.

Are there any key things you have learned 2020?

Given COVID-19 this year has been so challenging for many from both a professional and personal standpoint. I think both professionally and personally, it’s so important to demonstrate resilience and agility during this time. Change is never easy – I find that keeping a positive perspective on life is also key to ensure you are being appreciative and grateful for the people and opportunities in your life.

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