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Women In Communications, Marketing And Technology Awards Winner’s Circle With Amanda Upshaw

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Amanda Upshaw Last week we announced the winners of our annual Women in Communications, Marketing and Technology awards, we took a moment to catch up Amanda Upshaw who was honoured as one of the Agency Account Manager of the Year award.

Who is Amanda Upshaw?

I am someone who enjoys the continuous pursuit of personal and professional development – always trying to do better and be better. I flourish in a fast-paced environment and thrive on the variety of client work in agency life. I take a different approach in my personal life where you’ll likely find me on the weekends exploring the mountains with my head in the clouds.

What was your first role in the industry?

My first role in the industry was part of a University Co-op program. I worked as an Assistant Coordinator for a company that develops resources and programs to train and certify environmental professionals. Writing was my passion which led me into Public Relations, but it wasn’t until I landed my first agency role that I knew the variety and fast-paced environment was for me.

What is your current role?

I am a Senior Account Manager at Brookline Public Relations.

What is a something that you are really proud of having done /accomplished?

I’m sure many can attest to this, but finding the balance of a ‘new normal’ amidst an unprecedented year. This includes adjusting to working from home, as well as assessing and understanding that clients’ needs have and will continue to pivot with the environment.

Are there any key things you have learned 2020?

This has always rung true but never quite as evident until 2020 – things can change at any moment. This year, both personally and professionally, has been a learning curve to adjust and go with the flow.

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