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A Look Back At The First Year For 1Milk2Sugars’ Expansion Into The United States

1Milk2Sugars1Milk2Sugars is a full service PR & Online Marketing Agency, representing luxury and high end brands in beauty, fashion, food, wine and spirits, restaurants, entertainment, ...

Priya Chopra

Growing a business can be one of the most rewarding things to accomplish within a person’s life time, it comes with ups and downs.We took a moment to catch up with Priya Chopra, the dynamic Founder of 1Milk2Sugars [TCO] who with the help of her “Sugars” expanded the agency into the United States just over a year ago.

PR In Canada – 1Milk2Sugars [TCO] has offices in Montreal and Toronto, what made you look towards expansion into the US? Why at this point?

We had a lot of our Canadian clients asking us if we would also handle their USA needs. At first we had to turn down the offers, as we were not ready for the expansion since our Toronto office was still new. But now that Toronto is stable and growing steadily, we are ready for the next challenge. We are also in growth mode, and our goal has always been to have a presence in New York, close to both our Montreal and Toronto offices.

PR In Canada – What was the hardest thing about launching in the US?

Having operations at 100% where we can just hit “go” and duplicate what we have here in Canada. The reality is that the USA is a completely different landscape, so we realize that we can’t replicate the model we have built in Canada, by working with so many different brands under the lifestyle umbrella. In the USA, we have to go very niche, and target specific verticals, where we can bring the #SugarFactor and win.

PR In Canada – What has been the biggest surprise?

It’s been a lovely surprise to learn about various government based organizations that are mandated to help entrepreneurs export their business – in particular women owned businesses as well as those from diverse cultural backgrounds. I have been offered guidance and support from my network in terms of trade missions for networking, government loans and grants for cross border expansion, support for setting up the company re-org plan…really a ton of things that I did not know about before but have learned along the way.

PR In Canada – What has been the most challenging part of maintaining a US presence?

Besides cash flow?! ?. There are of course operational and financial implications involved in cross border expansion, but finding the right resources has also been challenging, since talent in the USA is very specialized. PR professionals in the USA are very specific about what type of business or sector they work in, so there is a constant need to be meeting the right candidate and matching them to the right mandate.

PR In Canada – The most rewarding?

One of the most rewarding is seeing our team win business over USA based agencies – that’s definitely something that pleases me as the Founder. I am very proud of my team and shows me that our talent can compete on an International level.

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