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Breaking: NATIONAL PUBLIC Relations Cuts More Staff

Change AheadThe world woke up to a new paradox today as a new President was elected to the United States, unfortunately a paradox seems to have once again hit NATIONAL Public Relations (Marketplace listing) as the agency has laid off additional team members.  NATIONAL Public Relations’ head count has decreased significantly over the last year and a half.  The agency lost its National Managing Partner, John Crean, and since then proceeded to let go of a number of other staff members such as here and here.  To make the situation worse NATIONAL has also been hit by a number of senior leaders who have exited after John’s departure such as here and here.

This new round of layoffs have impacted the agency’s marketing team at NATIONAL as they have has been let go three individuals from the team.


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We wish we could tell you things will be different tomorrow, but there is a new paradox taking place and we have not heard different.

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