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Energizer Says, Now Thats Positive Energy With Launch Of New Brand

If you’ve grown up in North America you are sure to have heard the slogan “Keep Going” or that famous bunny as it beats the drum. Well after 20 years Energizer has introduced a new marketing banner, “Now That’s Positive Energy.”

“We believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on the world around them,” says Kent Hatton, Brand Group Director, Energizer Canada Inc. “Energizer does it through the products we make and the programs we support, where performance and responsibility are paramount. Today’s consumers are looking for that balance between performance and responsibility that Energizer delivers, and our new brand banner, now that’s positivenergy effectively communicates that.

As part of this new initiative, Energizer Canada announced a $100,000 donation to Evergreen and a national campaign to support Evergreen in its efforts to drive energy conservation and create and sustain green spaces across Canada.

They are also challenging Canadians to pay forward their own positive energy by taking the “Do Something Little. Help Something Big.” pledge to drive additional donations from Energizer to Evergreen. The program is a rally for positive acts that will help foster a better environment and community for everyone, from turning off lights to donating books to the local library to cleaning up litter on the way home. Energizer will communicate the program to consumers in-store and direct them online to where they can make pledges and activate additional donations of $1.00 per positive act from Energizer to Evergreen.

Energizer’s support of Evergreen is the latest move in its history of giving back to Canadian communities, including support of Girl Guides of Canada, Scientists in School, ABC Life Literacy Canada, as well as numerous grass roots organizations.

As you can see from the image above – the bunny is staying.