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Voxco Joins The Party With Social Media Monitor Solution Acuity4 Social

Montreal-based Voxco has launched Acuity4 Social, a social media monitoring and insights platform.  The company is looking to go after the enterprise market, specifically market research agencies and public institutions worldwide. Like many other social media monitoring tools on the market, Acuity4 Social looks at what consumers are saying about companies, products, brands and competitors; on any subject they find important to follow.

“Being able to listen to the social web and get actionable results from the analytics tools provided by Acuity4 Social is something that all organizations can benefit from.” said Louis Lessard, President and CEO of Voxco. “At the end of the day, companies want to better serve their clients and their stakeholders: that is what our product helps them achieve.” Mr. Lessard added.

Acuity4 Social will be able to tap into conversations being on a number of social media platforms including social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, news feeds, articles and review boards, and extracts the most relevant information based on the chosen topics. Once the information is extracted, Acuity4 Social provides analytics tools and reporting capabilities which substantially reduce the amount of labour-intensive work required to make sense of the extracted content. Most of the other social media monitoring tools currently available on the market still require lengthy and fastidious manual analysis and this has been criticized many times over as being the Achilles’ heel of these products. Acuity4 Social provides many analytical tools such as sentiment analysis per category and topic, drill-down from key categories, influencer map/network, objectivity and subjectivity ranking, identi­fication and ranking of most important topics to name but a few.