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The Caramilk Secret Remains Safe, 40 Years And 6 Months More, Who Will Be Next To Win $250,000

In an effort to continue to engage Canadians, Caramilk recently put the wrapper on their Caramilk Vault campaign. One luck Canadian, Lisa Landry was the winner of this “Secret Contest” and entrusted to keep the best kept Canadian secret.  They are now preparing to have another Canadian win a chance to protect just how Caramilk gets the soft, flowing caramel inside the Caramilk bar as Caramilk’s Key to the Secret contest returns for another summer of sleuthing excitement.

As part of the campaign, once again, ten golden keys have been randomly hidden inside Caramilk bars across the country.  Winners will have an opportunity to travel to the Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory in Toronto this fall to see if their key will unlock the legendary Caramilk Vault. The recipient whose key unlocks the vault will become the next Protector of the Caramilk Secret for six months and receive $250,000 – as long as they protect the secret and return it, unharmed and unopened.

“Last year was the first time we’ve ever let the secret leave the Caramilk Vault – ever,” said John Phillipson, Vice President, Confectionery, Kraft Canada. “We were understandably nervous, but Lisa came through for us, and she’s been rewarded with $250,000 for her efforts. And now we’re offering another Canadian the chance to keep Canada proud.”

With cold hard cash as a prize, Lisa  did her best to keep the secret safe, adding, “There was no way I was letting that secret get out – not only because I’d lose out on $250,000, but because I felt a sense of duty to Canadians,” she said. “If I’d unlocked the secret, the folks in the Soo – otherwise known as Lock City – would’ve been cheated out of such a great honour: home of the first civilian Protector of the Secret.”

A new search has begun for the next Canadian who will take on the challenge and re rewarded $250,000.  The first $125,000 will be awarded when the winning key unlocks the vault – and the remaining $125,000 will follow once the secret is safety returned six months later, unopened and untouched. The nine remaining key-finders whose keys do not unlock the Caramilk Vault will receive Caramilk bars for 25 years, and a trip to Toronto where they will have exclusive access to the Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory to see if their key will unlock the legendary Caramilk Vault.