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Should Remembrance Day Be A National Holiday?

Canada as we know it-with all its rights and freedoms-would not exist without the men and women who laid their lives on the line during our wars overseas.

They deserve all the honour and respect we can give them-particularly veterans of World War II, who are now in their twilight years and who have seen many colleagues succumb to old age.

Doesn’t it make sense then that November 11, Remembrance Day, should be a national holiday?

There are many, though, who think otherwise-including Cliff Chadderton, head of the National Council of Veterans Associations (NCVA) in Canada.

The main argument against it is that people are more likely to stop and pay their respects if they are at work-and that it is especially important for children to learn about Remembrance Day at school.

Those for it say that if everyone had the day off, people would be able to focus on the day because everything else would be closed.

Should we honour our veterans with a holiday?  Or can we do more in their memory by pausing during our normal workday?