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We're #2: Canada's Brand Ranked Second-Best In The World

Whatever the state of the economy,  Canada can be reassured that our national “brand” is the second strongest in the world.   Not as good as those pesky Australians, apparently, but still better than everybody else.

FutureBrand‘s annual Country Brand Index ranks the Canadian brand as second overall.   The international survey of 2,700 people ranked Australia’s national brand as the strongest in the world.

Canada achieved its silver medal status thanks to a global perception that we’re a safe, happy and family-friendly place.   That’s not the most exciting thing to be known for,  but it seems the world loves us for it. We must be seen as safer, happier and more family-friendly than the U.S,  who finished  at number eight.

Canada was only ranked sixth last year, and twelfth the year before that.    Perhaps the state of the world economy means the planet is placing higher value on safety and comfort.   Or maybe there’s a new found appreciation for our beer.

Still, our brand might be strong but it’s not enough to bring tourists through our customs lines: on the list of must-visit world destinations, we rank only eighth.

At least we know our brand is strong,  for better or for worse, which gives us a strong base to work with on any international communications plans.

That can only be a good thing when the world’s economy is spiraling downward.