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Act Now Before Economy Stifles Social Media Use

More sobering news from MediaPost: many brand executives plan to cut spending on social media strategies.

Apparently, many feel their clients-or companies-still see social media as untried and risky, and would rather go with what’s been tried, tested and true.

That’s unfortunate for any public relations professional whose budget is tied to that of the marketing team’s.  Not only does it scare off social media use by clients, it’s a convenient excuse for any executive  who is really unsure of how to deploy social media.

What’s tragic, of course, is that social media is one of the most cost-effective communications strategies in existence.  When deployed by a savvy team,  social media strategies can engage a far larger audience for a far cheaper price than traditional advertising and communications strategies.

It’s frustrating to see the growth of Web 2.0 stifled by the economy.

Or, more accurately,  people’s fear of losing even more of their hard-earned dollars.

It’s time for PR professionals to start advocating their best tools of the trade.   As communicators, we’re in a position to develop an effective social media advocacy plan.

We know that social media is both effective and cost effective-we need to show our clients and companies through solid proof.


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