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Act Now Before Economy Stifles Social Media Use

By Christie Adams / November 11, 2008

More sobering news from MediaPost: many brand executives plan to cut spending on social media strategies. Apparently, many feel their clients-or companies-still see social media as untried and risky, and would rather go with what’s been tried, tested and true. That’s unfortunate for any public relations professional whose budget is tied to that of the […]


Are Organizations Ready For Social Media Customer Service?

By Christie Adams / November 3, 2008

It was bound to happen.  Companies are taking the two-way communication model of social media and bringing it to the next level. Specifically, they’re beginning to use them as extensions of their customer service departments. According to Brandweek,  Twitter is a particularly popular tool for this.   The ease of adding followers and sending Tweets make […]


Would You Pay To Access Social Networks Sites?

By Christie Adams / October 31, 2008

Strange as it seems,  Facebook may soon need to borrow money to keep up its frantic pace of growth. It’s funny,  we don’t tend to think of how free social networks are actually run, just that they’re always there and waiting for us for free.  But  Techcrunch pointed out today that while Facebook has more […]


Are People Wasting Time Online-Or Is It Time Well Wasted?

By Christie Adams / October 29, 2008

So has released the results of its annual Wasting Time At Work survey, and,  not surprisingly,  nearly half the respondents (48 per cent) admit that surfing the net for personal use is their biggest time-waster at work. That’s an unfortunate blow to anyone trying to implement social media tools at work.  At first glance, […]


Facebook Power To The People-Sort Of

By Christie Adams / October 6, 2008

From the hope springs eternal files People sure are in love with the old Facebook. They love it so much that there’s a plethora of groups, all apparently started by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, that promise if a certain amount of people join, the old Facebook will be returned The response has been overwhelming-though the […]


Can the CBC Make Hockey Fans Forget Tradition?

By Christie Adams / September 25, 2008

The NHL hockey season is upon us again, which means we’ll soon find out if the CBC has managed to recover from its Hockey Night In Canada theme song gaffe. CBC, as you’ll recall, sparked a national outrage when it announced it was dropping the hallowed theme last spring. The masses were soothed once the […]


Are PR Practitioners making what they should?

By Christie Adams / September 24, 2008

So The Equal Pay Coalition is calling today womens’“Now You’re Working For Free” Day. As of September 17, 2008 is 71% complete, and since women on average make 71 cents on every dollar men make, Canada’s career women will be working below their full earning power from now until New Years Day. Considering the leaves […]

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