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Curling Has A New Championship: The Capital One Cup

It could only happen in Canada.

Capital One Canada has lent its name to what’s being touted as the toughest curling tournament in the country: the Capital One Cup.

The annual tournament, which begins play this year,  is part of the Capital One Grand Slam of Curling and will pit champion teams from across the country head to head.

Winners earn points toward the qualifying rounds for the 2010 Vancouver Games.  The Cup also boasts a purse of $170, 000 to the winners.

For those of us giggling to see the words “curling” and “tough” in the same sentence-or to Americans scratching their heads trying to figure out what “curling” means-it’s a sign that we’re increasingly in the minority.

Clearly there’s a demand for a championship trophy-and it’s something that warrants a committed sponsor.

The Capital One Cup was announced by Insight Sports, which owns the Capital One Grand Slam of Curling, and the World Curling Tour.