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Coca-Cola And WWF Canada Pair Up For Canada's Environment

Looks like Coca-Cola in Canada might be giving those holiday polar bears a day job.

The soft drink giant plans to use its holiday ad campaign to raise awareness of endangered polar bears.  It’s part of a three-pronged partnership with WWF Canada to fight climate change and save the environment.

The partnership will also see Coke put $1million into freshwater preservation and conservation planning, and a promise to reduce its carbon footprint at all its Canadian facilities.   The Coke-WWF pairing comes from a global partnership between The Coca-Cola Company and WWF’s worldwide network.

Coca-Cola seems to be focused on pouring sponsorship dollars into initiatives lately-it’s a rather old-school approach to connecting with stakeholders but it’s one that often works.

The polar bear initiative is a brilliant PR move, as it turns a corporate mascot into a symbol of environmental conservation.  The Coca-Cola Company initiated it last year and had a microsite to promote the plan.

The WWF partnership should go far to raise Coke’s Canadian profile as a company that gives back.