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Women In Communications, Marketing And Technology Awards Winner’s Circle With Ruth Goudie

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Ruth GoudieLast week we announced the winners of our annual Women in Communications, Marketing and Technology awards, we took a moment to catch up Ruth Goudie who was honoured as one of the Public Relations Team Leader award.

Who is Ruth Goudie?

I’m the VP Sugar at 1Milk2Sugars [TCO] aka #giveittomegoudie because my colleagues tell me I have a knack for delivering the straight up facts – even when it’s not the best news. I’m super passionate about our work so there is just no other way! Truth and authenticity, actions based on strategy and goals.

What was your first role in the industry? Was there a key moment that made you decide to stay in the industry?

My first role was working for Cargo Cosmetics in product development – it was then that I learned how to think like a marketer from inception. Sephora had just arrived to Canada and we expanded with them into 11 countries. I managed all the dossiers, translations and packaging design – it was fast and I was hooked!

What is your current role?

As the Vice President, I oversee the Toronto office and head up client strategy. I have oversight on everything the team does and provide direction and counsel to make sure we are exceeding goals. I work on new biz, leading market and consumer research and have input on operations and team building.

What is a something that you are really proud of having done /accomplished?

I would have to say holding sh*t together and coming out on top through the pandemic. Keeping the team motivated and productive, helping clients pivot and change direction while maintaining strong performance and in the end winning several new accounts (including e.l.f. And Alicia Keys new brand: Keys Soulcare) The PR in Canada Leadership Award was a nice recognition of all that hard work.

Are there any key things you have learned during 2020 that really stand out?

Yes tons! But the most important being agility and purpose as the cornerstones of marketing survival in 2020. I wrote about it on Linked In. Brands that adapted and remained flexible continue to succeed and those that moved with intention or real purpose will remain on top! There is no excuse for performative action and it takes a willingness to learn and a lot of hard work.

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