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3 Considerations To Measurements For Public Relations ROI

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Business Growth2019 is far from over and the public relations industry has grown quite a bit. PR In Canada has been here reporting and tracking about the industry’s growth through our Account Wins to the On The Move columns.  Public relations is no longer just about promoting the newest fashion bag, getting a celebrity on the cover of a magazine. It is much more and is the backbone of any strong brand.

1. Are You Keeping Your Competition Out of the Media?

Layoffs are happening on a weekly basis, and media outlets continue to shrink which means there is more competition for your story to get covered. If your story is not covered, your competition’s (agency or brand) story will make the headline!

Every placement you get, every article written about your company, and every positive mention you receive is chipping away at your competition. Ignoring your public relations plan is allowing your competition to overtake your niche and steal your brand awareness.

2. Is Your PR Team Forming Valuable Relationships?

Media Relations – it is something that mattered yesterday, and in a shrinking media world it is more important tomorrow! A relationship is formed the minute you send an email to the media looking to have your story covered. A relationship is formed or destroyed the minute you engage with media on social media.  Choose your words wisely as they will have an impact today and tomorrow. If you can not get covered in the media, are you doing your job as a public relations person?

A great public relations team will build lasting relationships by working as a bridge between your needs and the needs of the media.

3. Is Your Team Building Your Brand?

We live in a global world, social media and the internet connect people from all four corners of the world in seconds.  One of the most common decisions to turn to public relations is to help build brand awareness.  Whether it is Consumer Media or Trade Media there is a benefit of using public relations.

You can’t afford to let the market decide what your company’s brand will be; you need to be proactive about getting out there and telling your story.  One of the opportunities that we have provide Here on PR In Canada we provide you with many opportunities to build your brand awareness.

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