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Layoffs Hit Newsrooms Across Canada

Job cutsThe media landscape has changed again as HuffPost announced that it was layoff some of its newsroom staff
A spokesperson for HuffPost said the site is “investing its talents and resources to areas that have high audience engagement, differentiation and are poised for growth at a time when our mission means more than ever.”
“We are deeply committed to quality journalism that reflects what matters most to our diverse audiences across the globe,” the spokesperson said.
It’s a significant setback for the progressive news website, a pioneer of the digital media landscape, which has become far less hospitable than it was in 2005, when HuffPost launched as The Huffington Post.
The cuts are partially due to HuffPost parent company Verizon who announced a 7% cut to staff in its media division, a portfolio that also includes Yahoo and AOL. On the same day BuzzFeed also announced it was going to lay off staff in a 15% staff cut.

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