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no name Rolls Out National Campaign

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no name is jumping back into the advertising game in a heavy way, the brand known for its yellow and black Helvetica font type recently rolled out a national campaign. The no names national campaign launched on September 5 on TV and YouTube (see video below) and is supported with OOH transit takeovers (including TTC dominations, GO Transit and taxis). The campaign will run through October 2019 with an ongoing social presence, highlights over 500 Simple Check products made without 10 ingredients such as synthetic colours, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

no nameInspired by its almost cult-like following of students and alumni, a limited edition “merch” launch, directed at university and college students who make no name’s affordable basics a staple of their college diet, will also be available on Western University’s London, Ontario campus on September 17 and 18.



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