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I’m Lexi Pathak, And This Is How I Get It DONE

This Is How I Get It DONE

We are back for Season 2 of our series This Is How I Get It DONE, where we take a moment to interview members of the PR In Canada & Profectio community members to find out more about the person behind the desk, how they got their start, their current role (and everything in between). For our sixth episode of Season 2 we talked to Lexi Pathak, Vice President and Partner at Faulhaber Communications.

Lexi PathakCurrent Gig: 

Vice President/Partner at Faulhaber Communications. I work closely with President, Christine Faulhaber and our senior team to drive the business forward – from agency strategy, to talent engagement to new business development. I also oversee the fashion, beauty and wellness portfolio, working with incredible global brands like Charlotte Tilbury, dosist, and Ted Baker London.

One word to describe your work style: 

Ideation. We are a strengths-based organization, meaning we use Gallup’s ClionStrengthsft to determine our team’s natural talents and how to leverage them in the workplace. My top strength is ideation which is all about the love of ideas – from coming up with new ones, to uncovering the why in every scenario, or putting forth a new perspective or approach. I bring this passion for ideas to brainstorming, problem solving and helping both our clients and our team achieve their goals.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to where you are today:

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Faulhaber since 2010 and it has been incredible to watch the transformation both within our four walls and the wider industry itself. We’ve grown from five employees providing strictly public relations services in a shared office, to a bi-costal fully integrated marketing and communications agency with a team of 30 diverse specialists. Today, we offer everything from creative services like video production, graphic design and copy writing, to comprehensive digital strategy, ad buying and community management, to more traditional public relations efforts like influencer strategy, flawless events, noteworthy brand partnerships and media relations. I met Christine when I was managing a TIFF celebrity lounge for CBC’s The Hour, with George Stroumboulopoulos. We had one meeting and immediately clicked and have been partners in crime since then. Prior to Faulhaber I worked in entertainment PR for several years including CBC, PeachArch Entertainment and Muse Entertainment. I did an undergraduate degree at McGill in English, followed by a graduate diploma in Journalism at Concordia University. My first post-school job was at a Muse, a boutique film and TV production house in Montreal. They hired me on a contract to work on a documentary and then hired me in a full-time dual role as assistant to the VP of development and assistant to the Director of Public Relations. This was my first exposure to the public relations industry and I loved how it combined writing, creativity, and networking. That first job was essential in helping me learn to multi-task as I was essentially working in two different fields, switching from unit publicity and promotion, to reading scripts, writing, and attending business meetings.

What is a typical work day like for you? 

I have the bad/good habit of looking at my phone first thing when I wake up. I do a quick scan of emails at 6:30am before my kids wake up. Then it’s the daycare hustle. We have a flexible work environment so I am able to come in at 9:30am and then jump straight into the day – from internal strategy meetings, to team meetings to client calls to meetings with editors. During the day I am non-stop and incredibly focused. Lunch break – no chance! I have to pack everything in so I can leave by 5:30pm latest to get my girls. A few days a week I work at home after my kids are asleep, as it is hard to get larger more focused projects like proposals done in the office. However, we have the flexibility to work from home so occasionally I do that, which is the most effective way to cross things off my to-do list!

How do you balance family-work?

Christine also has two kids so she gets it. She’s been incredible flexible with me when I need to deal with the kids. It’s a constant struggle, as motherhood can be regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home or working mom. I try to compartmentalize the best I can. When I am at work, I am extremely focused and productive. Between 5:30 – 8pm it’s my time with my family so unless it is an urgent matter, you can find me at the park or having a tea party with Teddy and the gang. People talk a lot about work-life integration, and I get that and do that to a point. But for me, I find more happiness from switching gears and staying present whether I’m wearing my VP or Mom hat. My family is extremely important to me and I prioritize my time with them wherever possible. Likewise, I love my work. It has always been something that defines me and brings me joy. If I can stay focused on whatever I am doing in the moment, that is where I find the best balance.

9-5 is LONG gone, what is one shortcut or life hack that works for you? 

In the morning when the house is quiet, I visualize my day and set goals. Knowing exactly what I need to achieve and the path I need to get there, helps me make the most of my kid-free hours. My other life hack is staying physical. Working out blasts out any stress, helps me stay focused, feel good, and get things done.

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