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I’m Christine Faulhaber, And This Is How I Get It DONE

This Is How I Get It DONE

Welcome to our new series This Is How I Get It DONE Series, where we take moment to interview member of the PR In Canada community to find out more about the person behind the desk, how they got their start, their current role (and everything in between).  For our first episode we talked to Christine Faulhaber.

Current Gig: #GirlBoss. I am the CEO and Founder of Faulhaber Communications, a boutique lifestyle marketing and communications agency in Canada.

One word to describe your work style: Entrepreneurial. As the landscape continues to shift, we need to constantly be evolving to survive. I am always thinking three steps ahead.

Christine FaulhaberTell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today: Something most people don’t know about my background is that I went to a preforming arts school and used to sing at resort. I put myself through Ryerson School of Business by working in retail. From there I worked as a national merchandising manager and eventually head of sales and marketing for a top Canadian fashion designer. During my time there, I travelled across the country working with retailers, stylists, influencers and media. I realized that collaborating and closing deals was my calling.

What made you start your own agency? I’ve always loved working with companies to leverage the power of communications to drive business results through telling intriguing and unique brand stories. Many years ago, I was backpacking solo around Greece and decided to take the plunge to launch my first business – Now, 17 years later Faulhaber Communications is a National company with a team of 25 and offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

What is a typical work day like for you? My day always starts with a black coffee from Balzac’s (I recently cut out dairy as a part of my new health regime). Review online social and email – these days ppl get me by phone, text, email and insta message. When I don’t have to get my kids to school a workout with my trainer in my backyard keeps the fashion fitting. The the office. Client calls. New business meetings. Mentor the team. Make dinner & homework with the kids or head to a work event.

You launched your agency in (2001), when did you know you had something? I started the business at my kitchen when I was 27.

Over the years there have been many milestones that continue to spark ah-ha moments that show FAULHABER is a successful business.

I knew that I had something viable when FAULHABER entered the race as an underdog and won against the odds. It still happens and is very rewarding.

How do you balance family-work? I like to call it work-life integration. I produce my life in a way that works for me and lets me weave work and personal priorities together simultaneously. Instead of thinking I can take a whole day off, I find time throughout the day to find pleasure. I’ll call my loved ones in between meetings to catch up or sometimes my kids come to work with me – they love being in the office. Work, play, travel, parenting, relaxing…I blend it all together, so I feel like I’ve done everything that I can in all aspects of my life.

9-5 is LONG gone, what is one shortcut or life hack that works for you? My Headspace meditation app is a must. I work long hours and must remain flexible and on always. Meditating has taught me to take a moment to center myself, clear my thoughts and be ready to power through anything that is thrown my way with 100% attention.

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