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Backlash Of Brands, A Look Back At The PR Blunders Of The Year – So Far

BacklashYou did it!  You’ve made it through the first half of 2018, across North America the celebration of Canada Day and Independence Day mark the half way point of the calender year.  There have been many ups, and a few downs as brands around the world launch campaigns to elevate their brand and accomplish their business goals.

Members Of The Canadian Marketing & Public Relations Industry Share COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

During the first half of 2018 PR In Canada has reported some of the bumps in the road that brands have made as part of our Backlash of Brands column.  While some brands have been able to bounce back, others have become a running joke with consumers or Internet “meme.”  

If you work in crisis management – good news, you will always be in demand.  

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