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PR In Canada’s Top Stories For October 2016

Day Light Savings Time

Day light saving time has hit North America this weekend which also marks yet another indicator the end of the year is quickly approaching. It was a busy month for the Canadian public relations industry. Here at PR In Canada we launched our newest awards program – PR Person of the Year, be sure and add your submission today!

Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton

2012The world has woken up to a new America, pundants around the globe are weighing on the results, many in shock and disbelief. Shortly after the voting process began last night the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website crashed due to the tremendous amount of traffic.  Stocks market in Asia and Europe open with a decline as low as what we saw the day after 911.  Is all this a sign of things to come?

Now let’s take a look back at the most read stories about agencies, brands and people on PR In Canada during October 2016: