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Sears Canada Rolls Out New Logo, Sears 2.0 Begins Now

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National retailer Sears Canada unveiled a brand new logo today, a clean and contemporary logo, the most drastic change in 32 years. The new logo is part of a number of strategic initiatives to re-invigorate and revitalize Sears Canada across all lines of business from e-commerce to in-store experiences, and from merchandise selection and curation to marketing communications.

Sears Canada

“We are proud to unveil this symbol of reinvention for Sears Canada,” said Brandon G. Stranzl, Executive Chairman, Sears Canada Inc.  “Sears is changing, and our new logo asserts the modern and streamlined image and consumer experience for which we are striving in-store and online.”

What is next for Sears Canada?

Today, Sears Canada employs more than 17,000 Canadians with 154 corporate stores and 106 Hometown stores nationwide. In the coming months, the retailer plans to improve its online shopping experience through several enhancements to its ecommerce, introduce new fashion brand lines, and ensure it stays competitively priced.

Evolution of Sears Canada’s Brand

Sears Canada Brand Evolution