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What Industry Does Your PR Agency Have The Most Expertise In?

I’m often asked which agencies are excelling in various industries, technology, consumer, healthcare (to name a few). Sometimes the question comes from agency heads who want a quick snapshot on where their agency may come up compared to their competitors. 

However over the last few weeks I’ve been that question has come from people who are looking to hire a new public relations agency of record. Two weeks ago while at a conference I was asked by three different people to recommend a public relations agency for them to use, but who do I recommend?

What makes one agency stand out versus another? What industry is an agency really strong at?  Here on PR In Canada we’ve been covering Canada’s communications and public relations industry for quite a while and over that time you start to learn which agencies stand out, and which ones make a good recommendation.  We’ve given many leads to agencies over, but maybe its time to do more, to take things to new level – after all, we could all use more business right?

Over the coming weeks, look for more from PR In Canada to help make those introductions and to connect buyers and sellers, but in the back of your mind you might want to start to ask yourself, “What Industry Does Your PR Agency Have The Most Expertise In?”