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5 Reasons For Your PR Firm To Issue Its Own Press Releases

When I first launched PR In Canada, I assumed that we’d be flooded with news about PR agencies, and they would be dying to talk about what is new and exciting with their agencies and be willing to share their thoughts and opinions.  To my surprise, PR people are pretty quiet about pulling out their megaphone and talking about their own success.  I recently ran into the Founder of one PR agency who said “Why would I tell my competition who my clients are?”  Now to be fair, that is one way to look at it, however here are five reasons why it might be a good idea for your PR firm to issue press releases about the agency:

  • Google Juice – try it now, Google your agency’s name and something like “wins new account”, “tapped as agency of record” or maybe “becomes AOR” what appears in the search results?
  • Boost Employee Moral – everyone likes to win, and everyone likes to be part of a winning team
  • Visibility – Publishing a well-optimized press release has the power to give you great exposure, specially if you publish it on recognized sites or the only  industry publication such as PR In Canada. A press release basically is a free yet effective way to get publicity
  • Branding – often press release holds certain integrity within its posting system. Therefore, you can be sure that the integrity of your business goes together with it. It will substantially brand the name of your business to thousands of people out there
  • Improved SEO – Press release helps to enhance your website’s SEO profoundly. By embedding your links into your press release, you gain quality backlinks of which is indefinitely one of the most important factors of improving your SEO

So does your firm have some interesting news, well tell us about it, your clients want to see your success and potential new business is watching!