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Environics Communications Expands Offering, Adds The Social Media Analysis And Intelligence Service

Environics Communications, who we’ve covered a number of times has added a new company to their growing roster and has now entered the world of social media analysis and intelligence. The firm announced earlier today the addition of Nexalogy Environics, formally known as Exvisu. Original company founders and partners will also be added to The Environics Group. Nexalogy Environics helps organizations by identifying and offering insight on the key actors, issues, trends, and ideas that have an impact on a client and its activities by filtering through the clutter of the social media environment. The founders and partners of Exvisu will continue in the new firm, the financials of partnershp were not disclosed.

“Our newest member of the Environics family brings exciting new skills and insight to ensure we can provide clients with a 360 degree perspective on consumer attitudes and behaviour,” said Michael Adams, President of the Environics Group of Companies . “Just like our research business, the cornerstone of the Nexalogy Environics approach to intelligence is data and analysis.”

I had a chance to catch up with Bruce MacLellan, President of Environics Communication about the latest news to ask a few questions:

1. Did Environics buy Nexalogy?
Environics is making an investment to create this new partnership and assist the company in growing to new levels of success. We are business partners now with the founders of Nexalogy Environics.

2. With so many social media analysis tools in Canada (and North America) what does Nexalogy bring different to the table?
Many of the tools currently available in the market place offer light social media monitoring with automated sentiment analysis. In comparison, Nexalogy Environics offers greater ROI to companies. This is due to our rigorous data mining of exhaustive datasets followed by our layer of expert human analysis. Coupled with Sequentia Environics and ECI, Nexalogy Environics offers a complete solution for research, analysis and communications.