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Now Could Be A Boom Time For Not-For-Profits

In the current state of the economy,  most not-for-profit organizations must be fighting an urgent sense of panic.

Generating donor cash flow can be enough of a challenge when things are prosperous.    Won’t it be even worse if Canada trudges into a full-blown recession?

A look at current campaign trends, though, suggests the opposite is possible.

Many of the largest corporations-Cisco, Coca-Cola and Samsung among them-are throwing their communications budget behind sponsorship of events, challenges and initiatives.

Corporations see the value of participating in these programs during an economic downturn.  It’s a two-for-one deal, with marketing and corporate social responsibility rolled into one neat package.

That means big opportunities for  not-for-profits in need of a cash boost to sustain their activities.  It also means the best strategy PR professionals can offer them is relationship building between NFPs and potential corporate donors.

It also means a great chance to get creative, and think of initiatives that are beneficial to both parties.   I’d love to see someone get brave and create a corporate challenge that pokes fun at at the current state of the economy.

And while the public might be looking to protect the financial well-being of their loved ones first, they are more likely to be sympathetic to NFPs during recession times.


PR professionals are best equipped to show NFPs how to make gains on this wave of corporate sponsorship-and it means greater economic security for us as well.