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Facebook Power To The People-Sort Of

From the hope springs eternal files

People sure are in love with the old Facebook. They love it so much that there’s a plethora of groups, all apparently started by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, that promise if a certain amount of people join, the old Facebook will be returned

The response has been overwhelming-though the results would be higher if Facebook users didn’t have so many Mark Zuckerberg promise groups to choose from. And if Zuckerberg didn’t keep misspelling his last name as “Zomberg”

It could be because none of them are the real deal. They’re all member hoaxes-either from those with wishful thinking or those who love a good prank (the creators of “If 10,000,000 People Join This Group, Batman Will Bring Back The Old Facebook!” clearly fall into the latter)

Facebook itself is cool with all the faux Zuckerbergs out there. “We’re flattered to have such passionate users provide feedback on the new site design,” a Facebook PR rep tells me, “And we’re pleased to see them sharing their views, which is what Facebook is all about. We are still working on the site and are committed to making Facebook better for all users.

Does that mean a return to the old Facebook? Don’t count on it. Unless you get an invited to a group that promises if 50 million people join, Santa Claus and The Great Pumpkin will bring back the old Facebook. THAT one is the real deal. Trust me.