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4 Reasons Why The Embargo Is A Dead Practice

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For An AgencyIn 2020, it is surprising to see how often journalists are still being pitched embargo stories. This is where a public relations person is willing to give an advance copy of the story if the journalists agrees not to publish it by a specific predetermined date. Here are 4 reasons why the embargo is a dead method of pitching to a journalist.

  • Unworthy story – if story you are pitching is about an unknown or Tier 4 company then no one is going to care enough to go through the time
  • Follow up – most PR people forget to follow up on the day they want the story covered,
  • Social Media – we are in a world of instant stories, where people often bypass the traditional means of getting a message out the door
  • Relationship – without a relationship, don’t assume a journalist is going to do you a favour. What is the reward for honoring your embargo?

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