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President’s Choice Says Let’s Eat Together

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President's Choice, Let's Eat TogetherLast year President’s Choice (PC) introduced Canadians to their “Eat Together” campaign as a way to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, and the brand is back at it again. This time PC wants to continues on journey that will inspire Canadians to share a meal and remind them of all the benefits of doing so. This time, it takes aim at the workplace.

PC has now released a second “Eat Together” film focused on the idea that eating alone is not a natural human behaviour. Unfortunately it is some that many of us have adapted to, and something we should work to reverse.

“Millions of Canadians eat alone at work day after day, and that’s a behaviour we want to help highlight and break,” says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited. “As we head into a New Year, we want to once again show our commitment to getting Canadians to gather at the table, together.”

Get Ready For Eat Together Day

Building on the momentum of last year’s launch of the Eat Together film and the inaugural Eat Together Day in June 2017, this year’s effort aims to get Canadians out of the routine of eating alone, especially in the office, and commit to a shift in behaviour.

The 90-second film shows a girl growing from infancy to adulthood, with events – both casual and milestone – linked by friends, family and food. It closes with her sitting silently at a desk, surrounded by colleagues, all eating lunch alone. It asks the question “We grow up eating together. Why do we stop?”

The film was shown across Canada at over 100 Cineplex theatres beginning on December 29th. It kicks off a series of activities that PC will undertake in 2018 to support Eat Together, including numerous exciting events across the country, leading up to the second annual Eat Together Day taking place on June 22, 2018.

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