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Want To Spice Up Your Press Releases, Here Are 5 Tips To Help

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Are you getting the type of results you want from your media pitches?  Pitching a story to the media is not exactly rocket science, but unfortunately public relations people screw up from time to time.  Here are 4 ways to improve the press release you send out:

HotSay My Name: Everyone has a name, it is not “Hey.” You should also address the journalist that you are pitching to, this is business communications.

Provide Visuals: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook.  We are in a visual world, distinguish your press releases with visuals that help tell stories in a different way. When most people think of “visuals,” their minds default to images. In reality, images represent just one type of visual. Slideshows, charts are other types of visuals that may successfully pique a reporter’s attention.

Infographics: Though technically a visual, infographics are worthy of their own space in this blog, as they help tell stories succinctly and intelligently. If you don’t have in-house designers, you can create an infographic yourself with the help of websites like An infographic takes time to craft, but when done properly, it’s sure to drive above-average media buzz.

Video Content: Youtube, and the same sites we mentioned above have changed the world of video making it easier to tell visual stories.

Tease Me And Please Me: A subject line that draws a journalist in and can be a difference-maker. Journalist get pitched all day long, you need to ensure your subject line is enticing enough to get them to stop and read your pitch.

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