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4 Tips for Successful Virtual Press Conferences

By Dave Forde / September 4, 2020

What are you customers and prospects saying about your brand?  You need to implement social listening strategy in your business. Nowadays, social media is so ubiquitous that it’s impossible to imagine that your existing or potential customers are not on social media trying to reach you,


3 Ways Video Can Help Build Your Brand

By Dave Forde / April 10, 2019

Study after study shows that 60% of people would rather watch a video than read text on any topic.  What is it about video that is so compelling? We are visual creatures, and when we watch something we often absorb more of the content, more completely than through other mediums. When it comes to marketing, […]


Want To Spice Up Your Press Releases, Here Are 5 Tips To Help

By Dave Forde / December 8, 2017

Are you getting the type of results you want from your media pitches?  Pitching a story to the media is not exactly rocket science, but unfortunately public relations people screw up from time to time.  Here are 4 ways to improve the press release you send out: Say My Name: Everyone has a name, it […]


5 Tips To Improve Your Copywriting Skills

By Dave Forde / August 29, 2017

Writing brilliant copy will enable you to build a better rapport with your audience, and since this is an essential part of encouraging a flow through the funnel to conversion, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting it just right.


Why “No Comment” Is No Good!

By Cecelia Haddad / September 14, 2016

if you find yourself in a crisis situation or you have a contentious issue that needs addressing in the media, responding with the words “no comment” will only worsen your situation.

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