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Helix Healthcare Group And Men’s Health Network Partnership Hit The Streets To Tackle Mental Health

Members Of The Canadian Marketing & Public Relations Industry Share COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

image3Washington, DC based Men’s Health Network has collaborated with Helix Healthcare Group, located in Toronto, in an effort to capture new quantitative data on the health concerns of men in Toronto.  The two organizations partnered together to bring the campaign to Toronto for the purpose of generating further awareness to the conversation surrounding men’s health.
The campaign between Helix Healthcare Group and Men’s Health Network featured the participation in
an international online forum on current challenges men are facing pertaining to their health along with
the stigma of men’s mental health. The street polls captured a sample of indigenous data shining a light on
where Toronto men prioritize mental health among their other health concerns. The data captured and
paid for by Helix Healthcare Group was collected through surveying a diverse group of men, ranking
through ages 18­88 throughout the downtown core area.

“In an effort to reveal the often evasive thoughts of men regarding their health, we believe that this data will help the men in our society express what challenges they are facing and how to combat them,” stated Helix Healthcare Group Clinical Director Dr. Jesse Hanson.

Helix Healthcare Group and Men’s Health Network1574 men were surveyed anonymously, including Toronto Mayor John Tory, over a span of five days
earlier this year. The randomized participants were asked a series of
questions designed to uncover telling results and unique correlations about what health risks men in
Toronto are concerned the most about, as well as how they deal with the stresses in their lives.

Members Of The Canadian Marketing & Public Relations Industry Share COVID-19 Vaccine PSA