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NATIONAL Public Relations Absorbs Cohn & Wolfe Montreal

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It has been an interesting year for NATIONAL Public Relations, they have been forced to adjust their business due to a number of senior management exits such as here, here, and here.  The firm has also let go of a few of its team members this year. The latest change for NATIONAL Public Relations comes from its Montreal office as the parent company – RES PUBLICA Consulting Group announced Cohn & Wolfe Montreal, will fold into NATIONAL Public Relations.

“When we did our annual business analysis of both firms, we concluded that both talent and client bases were complementary. Integrating Cohn & Wolfe into NATIONAL in Montreal made business sense, in addition to extending our service offering for the benefit of clients,” said Jean-Pierre Vasseur, president and CEO of RES PUBLICA.

We reached out to a spokesperson from NATIONAL’s Montreal office who confirmed that no employees will be let go as all of the Cohn Wolfe Montreal offices join NATIONAL Public Relations Montreal.  Current Managing Partner for Cohn & Wolfe André Bouthillier, will become part of NATIONAL as an Executive Vice-President.

Will Cohn & Wolfe Fold Into NATIONAL Public Relations?

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[wlm_private “PRO|PRO Plus|Corporate|Corporate Plus”] We’ve had a few readers email in asking about the situation, many have wondered whether the other Cohn & Wolfe offices will also be folded into NATIONAL Public Relations.  As of the time of this story being published the other Cohn & Wolfe offices across Canada will remain status quo.