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You Too Can Be Stylin’ And Profilin’ With Iconic ‘Dump Trump’ Tie

Donald Trump TieWhether you agree with his policies or now, no one can argue that Donald Trump, the Presumptive Republican party nominee knows how to ensure he makes media headlines.  As they look to build their brand further (and support a good cause), Toronto-based men’s clothier Vassi is now producing the exclusive ‘Dump Trump’ tie. Tie features multi-coloured dump trucks on the front and a bold ‘Dump Trump’ statement in text on the back, Vassi’s ‘Dump Trump’ tie allows the well-dressed Bay Street man to both embrace the US political circus in a fun way, and potentially be an ‘Undercover Trump Dumper.’

Vassi designed the Dump Trump tie because he believes that fashion, at its best, should relate to current social events and reflect the mood of the public … but he’s not taking sides.

“I’m responding to what my clients tell me they want to wear. If anyone comes in asking for a ‘I Love Trump’ or ‘High-Five Hillary’ tie, we’d probably do that too,” added Vassi.

The Dump Trump Tie is available in three colours: ‘Great Again’ Grey Blue, ‘Gonna Be Huge’ Basic Blue and ‘Believe Me’ Baby Blue.

All profits from the limited edition ties will be donate to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.