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Canadian Communicators Fun Facts Issues #1

For years PR In Canada has been reporting on the Canadian public relations industry, and we have broken a LOT of stories.  One of the most popular areas is our On The Move section which covers the promotions and new hires that occur throughout the public relations industry.

Tara WoodStephanie EngleScott_Palko_CCI_Studios

A new addition  as part of our On The Move section is Fun Facts, this is where we share something interesting about some of the people that we report on.

Fun Fact #1 – We are not saying she is dangerous, but you probably do not want to get on Tara Wood’s bad side, she has “A Very Particular Set of Skills.”

Fun Fact #2 – She maybe a name you’ll recognize within the Canadian public relations industry, but you would never guess what Stephanie Engel before getting into the industry.

Fun Fact #3 – Before jumping into the creative world, Scott Palko had some aspirations and skill on the golf course.

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