Digital Divide Continues To Separate PR From Revenue

If you haven’t read the article we posted back in April titled “There Is A Digital Divide Hitting The PR Industry,” stop right now and go read it!   Here we now are over six month later and there is still no significant change within the public relations industry.
During some discussions we have had recently with senior client-side people, they have indicated that at least 80% of their budget goes to advertising, and PR gets what’s left over.   In other words,  PR is still very much an after thought for major brands across the globe.  This represents missed revenue opportunities for public relations agencies.

Advice Assistance Guidance Help SupportThe good news  is you can change this Mr / Ms Public Relations Professional.   Many brands want to be guided or lead to making the right decisions that will help generate the required ROI.  Brands want a communications strategy that helps meet their business objectives.  Brands are looking for a trusted adviser to provide guidance and help make better business decisions

Before a brand signs on the dotted line and names your firm as Agency Of Record (AOR), many will conduct their own research to find which agencies are leading in digital, since it is such a large part of overall business communications today (and tomorrow).   Looking back at the numerous events we have attended, there are only two public relations agencies who we have consistently had their staff attends events that have some type of digital component to its agenda.  It is time for public relations agencies to  stepped up their game and invested in digital talent (On The Move), and when they do,they will see the fruit of that investment as they win more digital business (Account Wins).  Remember, if you don’t talk about (Send News) your wins don’t expect any new business to just float through your door.

Speaking of digital conferences, the first major one of 2016 is taking place at the end of January, maybe it is time you invest in your future.