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Citizen Optimum Organizes Event To Reveal The Latest In Laundry Technology From Samsung And Future Shop [PHOTOS]

On Thursday, November 10th, Samsung and Future Shop (client of Citizen Optimum) invited media to “take a load off” from busy workdays and discover the newest luxuries in laundry technology. Held at Toronto’s Cosmopolitan and organized by Citizen Optimum, the spa-themed event showcased Samsung’s latest 431, 520 and 5471 washer and dryer models, available at Future Shop for special rates when purchased as a pair. Citizen Optimum scheduled appointments for media, who were ushered up the elevator upon arrival and into a suite to tour of the first of three stations designed to highlight a different washer/dryer duo by an expert team of Future Shop representatives. As they made their way through the suites, guests likely felt they had died and gone to laundry heaven as they learned of the latest and greatest in laundry technology-and got pampered in the process.

The demonstrators—equiped with towels, clothing and various accessories—explained the innovative advancements in laundry offered by Samsung, including features like PowerFoam, Steam Wash and Dry Technology, Vibration Reduction Technology and a Woolmark Certified wool cycle. After getting acquainted with Samsung’s 5471 top load washer and dryer in the first suite, guests entered a second suite that—much like a spa waiting area— included an assortment of spa-inspired treats like mini sandwiches, veggies with dip, sweets and mimosas. The suite displayed Samsung’s 431 front load washer and dryer, which were stacked to reveal their space-saving capabilities. The third and final suite featured the Samsung 520 and was complete with spa aromas, flowers and a team of mobile manicurists from Wright Spa. The Samsung 520 laundry appliances featured in this suite highlighted the PowerFoam—a feature evenly distributes the detergent and removes deeper stains faster than normal detergent alone—though a demo unit designed to show how the pump produces the foam detergent.

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Other Samsung appliances sat visibly placed throughout the space, including the popular Samsung Navibot robotic vacuum, sold exclusively at Future Shop. Upon request, guests could experience this revolutionary domestic product in action as it maneuvered its way throughout the space. Both Samsung and Future Shop brand exposure was prominent throughout thanks to a media wall in each suite, placed behind the appliances. Before leaving the second suite, guests could pose for pictures in front of a media wall, alongside the appliances as if they were movie stars. At the end of the tour, guests were able to reflect upon the revolutionary developments in laundry technology through a few moments of self-relaxation as they finished up their mimosa with a manicure before heading off to their next appointment.

Good job in effectively displaying the Samsung appliances and ensuring the communication of key messages, Citizen Optimum!