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The business and technology world is all a buzz this well as Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES) is taking place in Las Vegas, we’ve done a little coverage on Profectio.  As a result of the coverage I’ve been looking at a number of corporate websites this week, specifically their “newsroom” page and have seen a lot of unique ways to provide content to audiences.  One of the sites that has stood out for doing a great job and laying out the content and making it really easy to get connected is  Some of you might know that Scott Monty who heads up Ford’s social media efforts.

I took a few screen shots to share with you what impressed me, hopefully it is something that might trigger some thoughts for your corporate website.  CES is an annual show that draws 120,000+ attendees from around the world and is the largest consumer electronics show in North America. It is the event where companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo announce their annual strategy.  With all the advance in technology Ford has been pushing the limitations on what can be done in a car and has launched a number of new initiatives including their Ford Sync which brings cool features to a car including Wi-fi enabled cars, so it made sense for Ford to have a presence at the show.

Right from the start they have a large button that lets site visitors know they can click to find out more information on Ford and CES. (click images to enlarge)

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Next we see the special page set up for CES information which has a video from Ford President and CEO, Alan Mulally, and allows you to share the page via a number of social media destinations.

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Scrolling down the page we can see content being pulled in from Ford’s Facebook Page and their Flicker account.

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Finally at the bottom of the page we see a number of buttons that allow site visitors to share the content with their friends/ co-workers.

Simple, and nice and clean – good job Ford!