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Bloggers Have Influence-So Does That Make Them Journalists?

Well, it’s official.  The folks at Digital Marketing Blog say that the opinion of bloggers has begun to sway consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Of course.  As they point out,  a product review blog by the average Joe is more trustworthy than a slick radio ad. 

It’s safe to assume that the circle of influence by bloggers expands beyond consumer bloggers, though.   There are political bloggers,  industry bloggers (ahem),  tourism bloggers,  eco-bloggers….they all have a following and their followers are likely to take what they write to heart.

They’re also likely to read bloggers they agree with,  and they’re likely to follow any calls to action that blogger hands out.

That’s not unlike the power and respect given to (dare I say it) traditional journalists.

Journalists also have a following, and their opinions influence the actions of their readers.  And if a journalist explicitly advises for or against something,  their readers are likely to follow suit.

I know it takes more than influential skills to make someone a journalist.  But it is a huge part of the role.

Are truly influential bloggers journalists?



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