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Cision Enhances Its Social Media Monitoring Services

More proof that social media is not going away any time soon:  Media monitoring provider Cision has launched what it calls a “comprehensive” set of social media monitoring services.

Clearly, there’s a demand for proper social media measurement or  Cision would not have devoted time to developing its two new products.  The Cision Social Media Dashboard will provide clients with the tools to monitor activity  on blogs, social networks,  forums and file-sharing sites in real time, while the Cision Social Media Reports will be created by Cision and sent to clients twice-daily.

Both products were created through an agreement with Radian6 Technologies.

It’s more proof than ever that traditional public relations strategies are changing, when media monitoring services have to adjust their offerings to keep up with the pace of social media.

Marcel LeBrun

Hi Christie, n nThanks for covering this news. Indeed, social media is now becoming a core part of the PR & marketing strategies for companies and one that is increasing in importance and effectiveness. n nRegards, n nMarcel

Christie Adams

Thanks Marcel, n nAgencies and media monitors alike are going to have to keep on their toes from now on-it's going to be great to see which innovations come out next. n nChristie


Any marketing strategy would definitely be incomplete without part of it being devoted to social media. It’s becoming more mainstream everyday.


Eddie G

They're talking about monitoring MySpace and Facebook on the Radian6 site. How do you think they're able to do that?

Marcel LeBrun

re: Eddie G's question. nThanks for your question, Eddie. The Radian6 system does not monitor content which is private in social networks (i.e. stuff that only "friends" can see)… we only monitor that which is posted & published externally (for example Myspace video, myspace blogs, etc.).

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