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Luc Lavoie Departs Quebecor

Quebecor executive VP, corporate affairs Luc Lavoie has left the Quebec media and printing giant after an eight-year stint as its executive VP, corporate affairs.
“I will certainly think back on my years at Quebecor with nostalgia but I felt that the time had come to move on,” said Lavoie.
“Moving on” means a new role for Lavoie he continues to work for Quebecor as an adviser, as well as a journalist and commentator on current affairs. A successor has not been named, but Lavoie will be involved in helping his replacement transition into the post.
Prior to joining Quebecor, Lavoie worked as a journalist and then served as the communications director for former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and as his spokesman after Mulroney retired from politics.