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Frequent Flying=Happy Retailers Online

Another online retailer has joined forces with an affiliate to increase their digital profile power.

Purveyors of fine art have paired up with the Aeroplan Rewards program to make for happier online shopping from their Calgary-based operation.

Art aficionados can now redeem their Aeroplan Rewards for contemporary and fine art available through

Artevo wants to establish itself as “a technology drive company focused on the production, marketing and distribution of all categories of fine art”, and at the very least, this will increase their reach across the country.

With online shopping on the rise, companies need to run effective online campaigns and an affiliate program like this is an easy one . Pairing with Aeroplan means Artevo will be featured on Aeroplan’s online catalogue, which effectively doubles their online reach. It can only make them more appealing.

The program may not work for every operation: I’m not sure how large a budget or profile you’ll need to work with Aeroplan or what stipulations are in place to ensure a fair trade for both.

Still, considering that US holiday online shopping hit $29 billion last year, it’s something we’re going to see more of as the holiday season approaches.