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All-New Metro Coming to A Bus Stop Near You

Metro News is recreating itself.
The free nationwide daily is positioning itself as a more credible news source, and has developed a new set of editorial initiatives.
Based on proprietary research from Brandspark, the Metro editorial team has developed new content that will both engage and inform its audiences.
“Metro’s strategy is simply this,” says editor-in-chief Dianne Rinehart: “To find creative ways to out-report, out-design, out-delight, out-service and out-deliver the competition in the paper – and on the web.”
The new initiatives include repositioning Metro as a hybrid newspaper, increasing synergy between the print version and, and creating a media platform to position Metro Canada as a credible national news source.
Metro is also adding editorial clout with the addition of several high profile columnists, including David Suzuki, Lawrence Martin, The Smart Cookies, and Josey Vogels.
Whatever the outcome, it looks like the commuter’s daily workday freebie is about to get a whole lot better.