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Influencer Marketing Stats To Start Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

By Dave Forde / January 10, 2020

As communicator, you can not dispute the power of social media, sure we all go through social media fatigue but its power has been proven time and time again. Influencer marketing is a big part of why brands spend millions on this sector of marketing, here are 47 Influencer Marketing facts to help you:


Insights Into What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand [Infographic]

By Dave Forde / August 13, 2013

Some companies have the great fortune of their logo to identify who they are, McDonalds (golden arches), NBC (famous peacock), Facebook (a simple F). We came across this interesting infographic designed by 123Print that might shed so light on where your organization’s logo compares to some global brands:



Peek Into The Mind Of A Freelancer [Infographic]

By Dave Forde / July 28, 2012

“9 to 5”, “the rat race”, “career,” there have been so many names given to the process of making a dollar big during a business day, but for some they would rather work on their own hours. Often they are called freelancers, and often they think different than those who take full-time employment. According to this infographic we found:


What Makes Canadian Moms Tick? [Study]

By Dave Forde / July 17, 2012

Being a mom isn’t an easy job, and defiantly one of the most important jobs in the world. If you are reading this and a mom, chances are you wear a few hats – during the day you are a communications or PR profession, and then at night you switch hats to become the mother of the household.

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