1Milk2Sugars Retains Two More Brands In Henkel Mandate

1Milk2Sugars1Milk2Sugars is a full service PR & Online Marketing Agency, representing luxury and high end brands in beauty, fashion, food, wine and spirits, restaurants, entertainment, ...

Schwarzkopf ProfessionalSince 2017 1Milk2Sugars [TCO] has been delivering solid results for its client Henkel. “The Sugars” have been delivering such great results that Henkel has now awarded the agency with two more brands. Schwarzkopf Professional, a salon-industry leader and haircare pioneer for more than 100 years, and Authentic Beauty Concept (A.B.C.), a new-to-market product line will now also be managed by Authentic Beauty Concept1Milk2Sugars.

Brands such as Joico and Alterna have already experienced a dose of “The Sugars” touch as a leading agency in the beauty and haircare category in Canada.


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