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Nata PR Hits Major Milestone, Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Nata PR [TCO] hit a major milestone recently as the agency founded by Natalie Bibeau celebrates its 20th anniversary.  Back in November 2017 the agency brought promoted David Tremblay was promoted to Vice President ushering a new era for Nata PR.

PR In Canada took some time to talk to Natalie and David about their journey over the last 20 years.


What did you do before launching the agency. 

  • I was a marketing / communications director for 10 years. 4 years at Opera de Montreal and my last job was at Parasuco Jeans.

What made you launch your own agency?

  • I wanted to surround myself with people I choose and select my clients (not to have a full time boss in my life) 

Toughest client you had to win, and how did you win it?

  • My very first client : Guess Jeans – they wanted to hire me full time for a position in LA and I convinced them to work with me even if I was in Canada. How dit I convince them : I had a very good knowledge of the Jeans industry since working at Parasuco.

What are some of the biggest ways the public relations industry has changed in the last 5 years?

  • Certainly the increase of very good influencers in all Canadian markets. We have, literally thousands of good contacts in our list now.

Natalie Bibeau

The average business does not survive 5 years, how did you make it to 20 years?

  • This is a very good question. It still hard for me to believe it’s our 20th anniversary. But I believe we are still there even for many years for 2 main reasons :

1 – We love to serve our clients, journalists and influencers at the highest level

2 – We love to learn new tools and are not afraid to re-invent ourselves.

Has 2020/ COVID-19 the biggest impact you have seen on the business landscape? If so, what is 2nd?

  • Yes, COVID -19 is the biggest impact I have seen and the second one was certainly September 11th 2001

What advice do you have for brands to go the distance as you have and last 20 years?

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, try new things, and most of all learn from your own experience!

So after 20 years, what is next?

  • I have decided to become the Jane Fonda of PR. I have another 30 years ahead of me, we have been offering online / influencers services for many years and will continue to increase our online services in 2021. With Toronto and Montreal we also have an office in Miami and are growing our US based clients every year. My partner David and I are woking on our NATA DIGITAL division to put our experts in the spotlight. We now have a successful podcast in English and French and we created the Nata PR SCHOOL program for companies who wish to learn how to combine PR and Social media.
  • All this to keep serving our clients at the highest level (our number one value at the agency).


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